Service Directory

Athy Community Family Resource Centre is an FRC since late 2018. Our remit is to work with families and communities in the Athy Urban and Rural areas, to help support the local community and encourage engagement and active participation. We work closely with Happy Days Community Childcare; we are located on the same grounds on Woodstock Street and operate under the same Board of Management.

In order to ensure we represent the needs and interests of the people of Athy, we conducted a substantial consultation within the community at the start of 2019. As part of this consultation, we investigated what services are operating in Athy.

This was with a view to preventing duplication of services, to identify gaps in services that Athy CFRC could fill, and to ascertain opportunities for collaborative work.

This directory of agencies, services and programmes specific to Athy, was composed with a view to making this information available to everyone, both community members and service providers, in the Athy area.

We hope to make it available online on the website, where it can be edited as needed, therefore making it an up to date, live document.

In the following pages, we have divided services into the following categories for ease of reference: